Standard types of rooms

Single room

A standard single room is often substituted by a two-bed room. This is a common practice applied when all single rooms are occupied. In this room, everything needed is available just like in other rooms, including bathroom and a refrigerator. These rooms are smaller compared to those for several persons. There is less communication space there - they are intended for "sleeping over" (booking here).

Double room

It is a standard hotel room. Its size is suited for sleeping over and accommodating two persons. In the room, there are bathroom, a refrigerator, TV  and relaxation space with a table and chairs. There is a standard double bed in the room (booking here).

Double-bed room

It is an analogue of the standard double room but with two separate beds. They are either two separate single beds in the room or one bed in the room and the other on an elevated floor (the latter option usually in the rooms for more than two guests) (booking here).

Three-bed room

This is a standard room for several persons, a bit larger than the standard double room. There is usually a double bed and a single bed there. Depending on the room size, the single bed is either directly in the room or on an elevated floor. The room has its own bathroom, TV with satellite reception, internet connection, refrigerator and place to sit down (booking here).

Four-bed room

There is a very limited number of these rooms with regard to their size and layout. The difference between the room for four persons and other rooms is an additional single bed. There may be either two double beds or a double bed and two single beds there. Our staff will give you any details on request (booking here).